Liberati is a NY based studio providing creative solutions for industries relating to technology and entertainment. Services include (and not limited to) Motion Graphics, Direction, and Interactive Development using Unreal Engine.


With over 16 years of experience and a strong handle in design, animation, and production, Liberati can assist at any point of a project. 
Our projects have ranged from commercials, to video game cinematics, to projections, and more.
Let us know your needs, I'm sure we can find a solution together. 


Although I'm not looking to become a full time commercial / creative director, I do enjoy this type of work. 
Projects have mainly been in Short Films, but if there is any need, I'm there.


In addition to working with gaming and technology companies, Liberati has also steered its focus on interactive content releasing Big2 Online for iOS and Android. FinalGun is now in developtment and will be available on Steam for PC in the near future.


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