instagram filters / games
georgia state lottery
Liberati took the lead in designing and developing captivating Instagram filters and games for the Cash Pop campaign, strategically aimed at promoting the Georgia State Lottery. These immersive experiences provided users with an enjoyable and interactive way to engage with the campaign.

Drawing on our design expertise and technical proficiency, we created Instagram filters that transformed users' selfies into dynamic and vibrant Cash Pop-themed visuals, injecting a delightful touch of whimsy into their social media posts. Additionally, we developed an exciting game that not only entertained users but also offered them a chance to actively participate in the Georgia State Lottery. The game involved generating a random number between 1 and 15, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the user experience.

By seamlessly blending creative design elements with seamless functionality, our outstanding campaign successfully captured the attention and interest of the target audience, effectively promoting the Cash Pop initiative and generating engagement for the Georgia State Lottery.
A fun way to generate a random number between 1-15. Pick a peach, and the claw will reveal your number! Good luck!
A Game that tests your reflexes. Get your Cash Pop number between 1-15 by tapping the screen when the peach segments form a complete number.
An AR experience - Smile for the camera! The longer you smile the bigger the balloon gets. Stop smiling and it begins to deflate. The balloon randomly pops at different sizes providing a random number between 1-15.