FOX Upfronts | 2022

Liberati provided real-time and pre-rendered content support for Flightschool. The Upfronts is an annual live event thrown for advertisers which showcases Fox's lineup of content for the coming year. Fox content was organized in 5 "Pillars" - Sports, News, Ad Sales, Entertainment, and Tubi. Each "Pillar" lived in bespoke environments with "connectors" transitioning viewers from one branded world to the next. The event consisted of fluid content that spanned across 4 x 16:9 and 4 x 4:3 corner LED displays. Mostly all content was created in Unreal Engine 4 which was then handed off to LUX Machina who shot talent within their XR stage. The stage consisted of a large curved LED wall and LED flooring.

3D Design

Motion design for the Show Open & Close.

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Real-Time Worlds

3D Branded worlds created for each Pillar in UE4 for XR Production.

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Pre-rendered animated transitions spanning all 8 displays at the event.

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3D Design

The above presentation is the result of PFX's animations for the Show Open & Close. Liberati provided the initial motion designs created in C4D and rendered with Octane.

Show Close

Designed in C4D and rendered with Octane.

Real-Time 3D Worlds

The show was filmed on an XR stage with a giant LED wall & floor that displayed content that was linked to the physical camera's motion. This allowed for live action talent and digital worlds to co-exist. Some of the branded worlds were originally concepted by Nathaniel Howe Studios. Liberati translated the look and feel into Unreal Engine and continued expanding on design.


The world of News required a rain storm. The current XR workflow did not allow for realtime particle rain, so we ended up adding them back in post.




Unreal Engine made it possible to effieciently create 5+ emmersive transitions. We quickly iterated on design and animation (some imported from C4D). Rendering was so fast it afforded us to create 360 videos which helped get client approvals faster. UE4 enabled us to realistically render final outputs to 8 x screens 20 seconds each @ 30fps x 5 Connectors.

3d design + Animation
xr - Unreal developement